4 Reasons To Outsource Your Print Management Services

Posted on: 6 January 2015


Does your company print out a high volume of materials? You may be wondering whether you should lease printing machines, purchase printing machines or simply outsource your printing needs. For many companies, an outsourced print management service can actually be the best solution.

1. Pay Only for What You Need

Why lease an expensive machine or purchase supplies when you don't need to print anything? Outsourcing your print management services enables you to only pay for the supplies that you need. Printing supplies can become quite costly, especially if you want to have a variety of different paper stock or if you need to purchase ink for different printing and copying machines.

2. Avoid Timing Issues

One of the biggest problems companies have with their printers and copiers is the amount of time it actually takes to print large volumes of complex documents, such as brochures. Moreover, a single issue with the copier or printer could lead to important documents not being printed; a breakdown could delay a meeting or other event, leading the company to have to purchase printing services somewhere else regardless. 

3. Get a Higher Quality of Documents

There are some things that an in-office printer simply can't do, such as complete professional binding. If you want a higher quality of documents to hand out to either employees or your clients, outsourcing your print services simply makes sense. Your printing service can complete spiral binding of documents in addition to lamination and mostly at a very low cost. For situations in which impressions matter, such as advertising materials, this can be important.

4. Get Design Help

Let's face it: most employees aren't design experts and you definitely don't want to send out documentation, such as newsletters, that look unprofessional or poorly done. Many outsourced print management services offer help with designs and some of them will even design your information completely for you. These design services are, again, fairly inexpensive because the print management service like SupplyLine Inc. does a high volume of work. Some print management services will even help you with marketing materials like logo design and website design.

Naturally, there are some situations in which an outsourced service doesn't make sense. If you print a large amount of documents on a daily level, having machines inside of your office may be better. But if you have a primarily paperless office and print occasionally and in bulk, an outsourced service may make more sense.