Why Hiring Professional Movers Can Be More Cost-Effective Than You Realize

Posted on: 6 January 2015


When you're moving to a new home or apartment, you may assume it's cheaper to rent a truck or van and have a few friends help you than it is to call a professional moving company. This may not actually be true if you consider all the costs of moving and all the services offered by movers. Note a few factors as to why professional movers can actually be more cost effective than you realize.

1. You may be overlooking expenses when you move on your own

Renting a truck or van is not the only expense you'll face when you move. You also need to refuel the vehicle. Some moving companies provide packing materials, which you would need to get yourself if you move on your own. There is also the cost of renting a dolly, which is needed for larger items and especially if stairs are involved. Even if you don't pay your friends cash for their help, you may want to at least get them dinner or lunch and this expense also needs to be considered.

All of these extra costs may not seem like much on their own, but once you add them up, you see that paying professional movers may be even less money overall. Paying them also means having them do the work for you, which in turn saves you time and effort.

2. Professional movers provide expertise and insurance

You may think that it wouldn't be expensive to replace your items if they were to get damaged in a move, but consider the cost of a new sofa, TV, computer, and even new dishes. The cost of professional movers who know how to carefully transport your items and keep them safe is often cheaper.

Even if something of yours did get damaged in a move, professional movers typically have insurance against which you can make a claim and be reimbursed for the cost of replacement. This makes it more cost effective to hire professionals than to take the risk of moving things on your own or trusting your friends to help.

3. Damaging a rental truck is very expensive

If you were to damage a rental truck during your move, this can be very expensive for you. Your own auto insurance or the insurance on the truck itself typically do not cover any damage you cause if you are to get into an accident during your move. Having professional movers, like those at Economy Movers & Storage Inc., help you with your move can be much cheaper than paying for even a small dent or ding to a moving truck.