How To Store Your Holiday Decorations Safely

Posted on: 7 January 2015


With the holiday season coming to an end, many homeowners begin to take down the twinkling lights, inflatable Santas, and dancing reindeer and struggle to get them put away until next year. Here, you will get a few ideas that can help you store your holiday decorations in a manner that will leave them in good condition and out of the way until the next holiday season rolls around.

Lease a Storage Unit

A small storage unit will not cost you a whole lot each year. On average, a small unit will cost you about $40 a month, which is a sound investment if you have limited storage at your home for your holiday decorations.

This storage unit can be used to store the items that you remove from your home to make room for your holiday decorations, and can even used as a hiding place for the gifts you have purchased for your curious kids.

Packing Linens

Tablecloths, throw blankets, decorative pillows, and curtains can be difficult to store. If done improperly, they come out of storage looking and smelling terrible. You have two options:

  • Storage bins – Buy an airtight storage bin for the linens. Fold everything up carefully and place them in the bin with a few dryer sheets. Another thing to toss in the bin is the small silicone packets that can be found in many of the gifts you receive for Christmas. Those packets will absorb any moisture that enters the bin and keep it from damaging the linens.
  • Vacuum sealed bags – Buying the vacuum sealed storage bags may seem like a big investment, but they can help you store many more items in a small space safely. They lock out moisture and create a compact package for storage.

Tree Storage

Artificial trees can be very expensive, so preserving your tree for as many years as possible is wise. Instead of trying to cram your Christmas tree back into the box it came in, toss out the box and buy a Christmas tree storage bag. These bags are designed to keep the moisture and insects away from your tree and keep it in good condition.

Light Storage

Not having to fight with those Christmas lights next year would be nice, right? How about using your empty wrapping paper tubes to prevent the tangled up mess you just dealt with this year. Cut a slot into the end of the tube to slide the end of the light cord through. Carefully wrap the lights around the tube. Wrap the wound up lights with tissue paper and place inside a box for storage.

Using the above tips will help to keep your holiday decorations in good shape, out of the way in self storage, and in working order for many years to come. Take your time as you pack up your things and your next holiday season can be spent festively decorating, rather than frustratingly decorating.