Getting Ready For A Book Launch? The Importance Of Marketing To Your Audience

Posted on: 14 January 2015


If you are an author who plans to self-publish a book or e-book, knowing how to market your book is the key to good sales volume. Marketing is not hard, but it does take some research to determine who your customer is and how to sell to them. Here are some things to know about book marketing:

Marketing for Nonfiction Books

When you write a nonfiction book, you are typically writing to a particular audience. While nonfiction can benefit from most any method of marketing, honing in on your specific audience through social media can really get your book in the hands of readers. Using online marketing through social media accounts along with more traditional marketing campaigns can help you build channels that help your book move through to your target market.

Marketing for Fiction Books

If you are writing a fiction book, developing a marketing plan can be a little more interesting. For one thing, a fiction piece is generally geared toward a much more broad audience, unlike a nonfiction book. If you are writing for a certain age group, you may want to promote your book completely on social media. If you are writing for a niche that is a little older, maybe combine social media marketing with online reviews. Getting reviews on all of the major websites that sell books and e-books is a fantastic way to get more people interested in your book. To get those reviews, consider giving away review copies to people who are on your social media accounts and encourage them to leave an honest review. If they are already fans of yours, you will likely receive glowing feedback. 

How to Maximize Social Media Marketing

Marketing of all kinds will take some upfront work. There is no difference when it comes to using social media to promote your work. The key to social media marketing is to keep your audience engaged and interested in coming back for more. You will do this primarily by creating content that is interesting and useful to them. If your book is still in the works, keep your audience updated as to when it will be released. Once it is a done deal, provide some snippets from the book periodically to pique the interest of the audience. In addition to book updates, start some discussions and interact about the topic to get your fans talking about your topic.

Getting ready for your book to launch is an exciting time for any author, but it is important to market it properly for it to perform well. If you need assistance with promotion, some book printing companies may have a marketing department to help you get your new book off the ground.