Easily Install New Tiles Around The Top Of Your Pool

Posted on: 20 January 2015


Install new tiles near the top of your pool if some of them are loose or chipped. This improvement will give your pool area a fresh and well-cared for appearance, and will help you prepare for future pool remodeling projects. 

Use These Items

  • hammer
  • metal file
  • towel
  • waterproof grout
  • tiles
  • marine adhesive
  • putty knife
  • bucket
  • foam brush
  • sponge
  • nylon scouring pad
  • bleach

Drain The Pool And Remove Loose Tiles

Drain the pool so that the water level lies below the row of tiles that you are repairing. Inspect the tiles for damage. If any are loose or cracked, remove them with the help of a file and hammer. Insert the end of the file underneath the edges of loose tiles and tap the opposite end with a hammer. If any adhesive is stuck on the pool's walls, scrape it off with the file. Clean the wall of the pool with a nylon scouring pad and water that has been mixed with a small amount of bleach. Dry the surface well with a towel.

Apply New Tiles

Apply an even coating of marine adhesive to the back of each new tile. Smooth it out with a putty knife. Line each tile up so that it is evenly spaced from the others that are in the row. A very narrow gap is all that is needed in between each one. This area will be filled with grout in the next step. Press the tiles down firmly until they adhere.

Marine adhesive is a product that will hold up in wet conditions, keeping the tiles in place. Give this product several hours to dry. To be sure you are waiting long enough, read the instructions on the back of the container that the adhesive comes in.

Fill In The Gaps With Grout

Apply waterproof grout between each tile with a putty knife. Hold a small bucket underneath the area you are working on to catch any grout that spills while you are applying it. This will prevent your pool from becoming dirty. Once the gaps between the tiles are filled in all the way, smooth out the spaces between each tile with a foam brush. Grout will take a few hours to dry.

Use a damp sponge to wipe away any grout that remains on the surface of the tiles. Keep the tiles looking nice by cleaning them with a nonabrasive cleaner and natural bristle tile brush. Regular maintenance will prevent them from becoming damaged and will lengthen their life.