How to Choose the Right Printing Software

Posted on: 9 February 2015


Printing in large quantities can pose challenges when engaged in cost-cutting strategies. Fortunately, there are many features that print management software programs provide that can help you keep your costs down.

Print Monitoring

To determine what your business's print needs are, you will first need to understand what your business is printing in the first place. This requires print accounting, print managing and print quota software. Once you understand to what extent your business prints, you can understand what print management software will best help you achieve your business goals. Also, print quotas allow you to know who is printing what so that you can take measures to stop those who are abusing the printing service.

By monitoring how often your company prints, you can then look for areas where your company would be best served by reducing the need for printing.

Smart Print Queues

One of the common causes of printer waste is the releasing of multiple print jobs that do not print due to a printer error. Then, these print jobs are returned to the print queue until the printer error is resolved. Smarter managed printer software sends the print jobs to a secured queue so they are not printed until the user logs back in. That way, if the print jobs are no longer needed, the user can clear them.

Color Management

Make sure that the print management software controls the color of the print jobs. Even if you intend to print in black and white, printers have a tendency to default back to color printing.

By having print management software maintain black and white, workers no longer have to manually enforce black and white printing. That way, you can save money on color ink. Also, if you do not prevent your printer from printing in color, you risk running out of color ink for when you need to print in color the most.

Pull Printing

Print management technology allows for pull printing, which allows for workers to cancel print jobs. This is often essential when workers click the print button more than once after the printer fails to print the first time. Clicking 20 times may lead to 20 documents being printed if workers are not able to cancel print jobs.

When shopping for a print management service like Des Plaines Office Equipment Company, make sure that these features are included. While they seem small, they can have a noticeable impact on your bottom line and can lead to fewer headaches in the long-run.