Rent A Storage Unit If You Need More Space To Organize Your Craft Business

Posted on: 18 February 2015


If you operate a small craft business and do not have much space at your home, rent a storage unit to prepare finished items for shipment or delivery. As you finish making items, bring them to the unit to pack, label, and weigh. You will have plenty of room to complete these tasks and may find that your storage unit helps you operate your business in a smooth manner.

Packing Area

Because you are going to be hand-delivering or shipping each craft item, you will need a special area to pack them in. Line up boxes of all sizes in one portion of the unit. As you drop off finished goods to the unit, you can quickly place them in boxes.

Use wooden pallets to create a sorting station. Place the boxes in separate stacks, hand-delivered and shipped, to keep things organized. Keep pens on hand to write the recipient's name on the outside of each package. Once finished, load up your vehicle with the orders that are being hand-delivered. Place the packages that will be shipped aside until they have a shipping label on them.

Labeling Station

Once you return from hand-delivering orders, you can focus on the ones that are being shipped out. Keep a supply of packing materials inside of the unit. Because of this, it will be possible to fill boxes quickly. Keep labels inside of the unit and a record of each recipient's address. Also, keep a sales receipt book, so you can quickly write the contents of each box. Keep a copy for yourself and place the other one in the packages. Once all of the boxes are ready, seal them with packing tape.

Weighing Corner

If you are going to be determining shipping costs, it is important to have a scale on hand. Weigh each package to determine what the shipping fees will be. Once finished, gather up the money that you need for postage. Keep a dolly next to the weighing area to load the boxes upon when it is time for them to be transported. You can call up a shipping service and have them meet you out at your unit when you are ready for the packages to be picked up.

If you can get a few friends or family members to help you out with each step, it will shorten the amount of time that it takes you to prepare each order. Once you get used to using your storage unit for your organizational needs, you may find that your running your craft business is a piece of cake. Work with a facility like King Arthur Self Storage to find the unit that will best meet your small business needs.