Condos Or Townhomes: Which Is Best For You?

Posted on: 7 May 2015


For smaller families or busy professionals, condominiums and townhomes are often a viable home buying option. These dwellings are typically smaller in size, and often have additional features like included lawn maintenance that can make living in them a lot easier. While the two may seem closely related, there are many differences between living in a condo and a townhome. Here are some of the various features that make each housing style unique.


Here are some features of condo living that makes them unique:

  • Although many condos are built similarly to apartments, they can be purchased and owned by the occupants.
  • Luxury condos often offer residents added amenities like a gym, valet service, and community pools.
  • You will most likely have a homeowner's association fee along with your monthly rent or mortgage if you live in a condo. This is to help upkeep the building and surrounding areas.
  • Condos can consist of only a few units together, or can be as large as a high rise building.
  • Residents of condos often have a safer environment, since visitors usually have to sign in or be buzzed in to gain access to the building.
  • You may only have one or two reserved parking spaces per unit, so keep this in mind. Most condos also do not offer closed car storage such as a garage or carport.
  • Since you share the common property with other owners, most exterior maintenance is handled by the HOA, including the roof and basic structure.


While somewhat similar to condos, townhomes have their own identifying qualities:

  • Townhomes closely resemble row houses because they are usually attached to each other, so you will share a wall with your neighbors unless you have an end unit.
  • Unlike a condo, townhomes are their own structures, much like a traditional home. They are often two or three stories tall, where most condos are usually just one floor.
  • Owners of townhomes are responsible for general structural maintenance like the roof and foundation, whereas most condo owners are not.
  • If you do have a HOA in your neighborhood, they will take care of things like landscaping and common area maintenance, as well as trash removal.
  • Since a townhome is usually larger than most condos, you will have more space to store items, have friends stay over, and perform home improvements.
  • Townhomes are often more suitable for families, where most condos are designed for small space living for couples or busy singles. 

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