Keeping Pests Out Of Your Storage Unit

Posted on: 28 July 2015


If you are renting a storage unit to keep your belongings for a while, you will want to take necessary steps to keep them safe from the chance of a pest or insect infestation. Storage units are a haven for these creatures, because when they get inside they can live comfortably without being noticed right away since people are not always checking on the items. To avoid an infestation inside your unit, use the following tips to keep them from getting inside.

Check Belongings Before Storing

Many people do not realize they bring in rodents or insects with their items. Never store boxes that have been sitting in your home. Instead, dump out the contents and place them in a plastic bin. Cardboard is a great spot for insects to hide out between layers of corrugation. Mice can be harbored down within your contents, unseen to the eye as you place them in the unit. Checking each and every item before it is stored will save you the worry of bringing in stowaways. 

Don't Store Dirty Items

Before bringing items into storage, wipe them down to remove any stickiness or grime buildup that may be on the item. Any scent of food will attract roaches, ants, mice and other critters. Don't take the chance in bringing in items with a film on them. Use spray bottle filled vinegar to spritz down items and then dry them with a clean piece of cloth. Vinegar is a deterrent, so the scent left will keep pests away.

Check The Entryway

To keep pests out of your unit, you need to have a watertight entryway. If your storage unit allows water to get inside, it will also allow small creatures inside. To check the seal, have someone stand in your unit while the door is closed. Pour a bottle of water up against the door and have your friend look to see if water is getting inside. If it is, ask to be moved to another storage unit, as you risk your belongings being ruined by both moisture and pest invasion.

Inform The Owner

If you notice any sign of pests in your unit, alert the storage unit manager right away. There may be an infestation in a neighboring unit that needs to be controlled with pesticides. Have the owner check through your unit for any apparent cracks in the walls where pests can be getting inside.

Place A Few Deterrents

Put a few items inside your unit to help keep rodents and insects from wanting to get in. Mice do not care for the scent of peppermint. Placing a few cotton balls dipped in peppermint oil around your unit will keep them from wanting to get inside. Ants do not care for talcum powder. Sprinkle powder around the perimeter of your storage unit, as well as across the entryway. Both of these deterrents will also help make your storage unit smell great!

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