Grass Care: What You Should Know about Lawn Fertilization & Aeration

Posted on: 14 September 2015


Do you have a hard time keeping your grass green no matter how much care you put into it? You must understand that your grass needs nutrients to stay healthy, which is why you should invest in getting it fertilized and aerated. Find out in this article what you should know about lawn fertilization and aeration so you can bring your grass to a good condition.

Why Should a Homeowner Invest in Lawn Fertilization?

The nutrients distributed during lawn fertilization are beneficial because they are able to promote root growth from grass. More root growth means that there will be more grass covering your lawn to make it look more appealing. The fertilizer can also keep the grass leaves that are already present in a good condition by helping them stay green for longer periods of time.

When you are in the habit of mowing your grass, it leads to the leaves losing some of their nutrients. You can continue keeping your lawn trimmed without worrying about nutrient loss if you get it fertilized on occasion. Lawn fertilization is also a great way to repair damaged grass leaves from pests and people walking on them.

Sometimes lawn aeration is necessary for grass to take advantage of the nutrients in fertilizer, such as when the grains of soil are tightly compacted together. Lawn aeration at the time of fertilization is a process in which equipment will be used to create holes in your lawn. The holes will allow the fertilizer to seep into the soil for easy access to the grass roots. Lawn aeration is also a great way to increase the amount of water and air your grass is receiving, which can aid in keeping it green.

What is the Estimated Price for Professional Lawn Aeration?

You should expect to pay a professional a minimum of $35 to aerate your lawn with equipment like a core aerator. However, you can expect to spend over $125 on the highest end of the scale. The overall price will depend on how large your lawn is, as well as how complex the task will be for the contractor. The type of fertilizer used for your grass can also have an effect on the price if the aerating service includes fertilization.

You don't have to spend so much time caring for your lawn without achieving desirable results. Get in touch with a lawn fertilization contractor like H 2 O Systems Inc as soon as possible to realize your lush-lawn dreams.