The Importance Of Your Choices For Business Signs And Their Maintenance

Posted on: 4 November 2015


Most people put up signs if they are opening a new business, especially one at their location. You may have put up signs down the street or over in the next town advertising your business as well. Maybe you have a couple of billboards up on the highways going in and out of your town. However, if you put up signs and forget about them, they could end costing you business when they fall into a state of disrepair.

Remember The Impression You Are Trying To Make

When you first put up new signs for your business, you most likely worked at creating an eye-catching design and logo for making a great first impression on potential customers. If those same signs have been outdoors in the elements, they could become faded and worn out. If your signs are painted, they could be missing key parts of your message or of your logo due to flaking and blistering paint. Electric neon signs with letters burned out or flickering make it hard for customers to read what you are saying. Always taking the time to inspect your signs is vital to you maintaining the advertising campaign they support.

Clean Signs Make The Most Impact

When inspecting your signs, you may find they are dirty. In the winter, you signs may suffer from the black grime that comes off the road after it snows. In the summer, traffic passing on the road produces a great deal of dust that becomes a coating on your street-side signs, especially when rain mixes with it. Taking the time to clean off your signs is worthwhile, especially if your logo and message is covered up. Bear in mind how much money you may have spent on having your signs made, so it makes sense to take care of them.

Structural Problems You May Encounter

If your signs are made out of wood, you could find them succumbing to the elements when you go back after a few months to inspect them. If you find your wooden signs need work to remain structurally sound, you might consider taking them down and replacing them with signs made out of metal. You will have a lot less damage occur to metal over the long term, so the initial investment is certainly worth it.

Replacing Peel And Stick Decals Can Become Expensive

Choosing a permanent sign without peel and stick decals can be the better investment. Outdoor signs with peel and stick decals end up with missing letters and symbols due to the elements loosening the decal adhesive. Always choose signs you know will be weather resistant for the best and longest-lasting advertising results for your money.

If your signs are not doing their job, potential customers will never find you. Invest in only the signs you know are durable and be sure to make it a point to inspect them on a regular basis. Contact a company like Apogee Signs for more information.