3 Great Benefits Of Having A Security Clearance Job

Posted on: 30 December 2015


A top secret security clearance job is one that denotes a certain level of trust, so that you are able to be privy to incredibly sensitive information related to the government. These jobs typically deal with defense and other matters of national security. It takes testing, credibility and thorough background checks to receive one of these security clearances, so that you are able to receive a job that will be rewarding, lucrative and beneficial. Consider the benefits of receiving a security clearance listed below, so that you are able to reap them. 

Benefit #1: Having A Security Clearance Streamlines The Human Resources Process For Any New Job 

Any time you are being considered for a new job, you will typically have to undergo rigorous background checks. Since a secret security clearance denotes a squeaky clean background of the highest order, it makes the life of the human resources department easier and gets you hired much quicker. This is a step that most don't skip, as studies show that some 96 percent of HR departments conduct similar background checks. So when these jobs boil down to one candidate with a clearance and another without it, the HR department will likely skew toward the one with the clearance. 

Benefit #2: Having A Security Clearance Opens You Up To Jobs With Better Pay And Benefits 

Did you know that having a top secret security clearance can get you an approximate 13 percent boost in salary that you would otherwise be able to expect? This increase in finance will allow you to do bigger and better things with your life and to secure a suitable retirement. Further, people who work these sorts of jobs are also able to enjoy incredible benefits packages, which include perks like excellent medical and dental care, prescription plans, 401k, paid vacation and gym memberships. 

Benefit #3: Having A Security Clearance Increases Your Marketability As A Potential Employee

It's not only about landing one job with a security clearance—this designation opens you up to far greater opportunities. It is not uncommon for people with clearances to move to the Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC area and continuously bounce between new and better jobs, because they have a clearance. This clearance comes with incredible marketability that you will enjoy on your path to building your wealth and solidifying a fulfilling career. 

Consider these three benefits so that you can achieve a clearance and the jobs of your dreams.