5 Ways For Your Business To Lower Its Energy Costs

Posted on: 6 February 2016


Are rising electric costs eating away at your business profits? Don't despair; instead, just follow these five action steps in order to lower your energy usage and save significant money on your business utilities each month. Here are five simple-but-effective ways for your business to lower its electric rates:

Have an Energy Audit

Paying for a professional energy audit can quickly pay off in lower energy bills. Energy auditors are skilled at inspecting your office setting as well as your company's workplace habits in order to find specific areas of improvement. Energy auditors are able to quickly identify energy waste you may not be able to easily suss out on your own.

Make the Switch to LED Lights

LED lights may cost more upfront, but they last significantly longer than other types of lightbulbs and use much less energy while still providing your office with plenty of light. Your energy bills will get a little lower, and you won't need to send your office manager on so many runs to the store for new lightbulbs.

Automate Office Lights with a Timer

Instead of counting on the last person who leaves the office at night to shut off the lights, you can set the lights on a timer. This helps ensure lights aren't being left on all night, wasting electricity. Just be sure your employees know how to use the pre-programmed lights, so they can turn the lights on if they have to work late.

Switch to a Programmable Thermostat

With a programmable thermostat, you can automate your office temperature, keeping it comfortably warm or cool during the day when everyone is at work and using much less energy at night when no one is around. Simply program it to warm up (or cool down) an hour before your office opens in the morning, and everyone will get to enjoy a comfortable workplace without wasting energy at night.

Update Power Strips

Instead of relying on old school power strips, make the switch to smart power strips throughout your office. These power strips prevent electronic devices from using power when they're on stand-by mode and not being actively used, preventing significant energy waste if your employees tend to keep computers, printers, and other devices plugged in all the time.

By following these steps, your business will soon waste much less electricity, and your company's power bills will go down noticeably as a result.