Three Niche Funerary Businesses To Consult When You Have Very Specific Needs

Posted on: 11 May 2016


Death is one of the very few things that does not discriminate; it will take whomever and whatever at any time. Pets, children and adult family members are not immune. If you have recently lost a beloved pet, child, or have a unique funeral request, you may want to turn to one of the following funerary businesses that specialize in these niche funerary services.

Pet Cemeteries and Pet Grave Markers

Some of the major metropolitan areas have a separate burial ground just for beloved pets. If your pet was everything to you and you want to honor him or her in this way, you can make arrangements with the owners and operators of the pet cemetery. You can also have grave markers made for your pets, and you can purchase something simple like a small headstone to something more elaborate like cat angel statuary to place on your pet's grave. There are a handful of pet cemeteries that offer crematorium services for your deceased pet, too, so that may be another route you might consider.

Infant and Child Caskets 

Losing a child or an infant is perhaps the most tragic of life events. As a loving parent, one of the difficult tasks you will need to do is to select a coffin for your child (if you intend to bury him or her). There are funerary businesses that specialize in creating beautiful caskets for infants and children, ones that will surely fit your needs and provide your child's body with a very comfortable resting place. Many of the businesses that provide child and infant caskets also provide very unique and special head markers to place on your child's grave.

Double-Wide Caskets

Double-wide caskets were once reserved for loving spouses who either died within a few days of each other or who requested that their bodies share a casket in death. In order to provide the latter service, you usually need to purchase a mausoleum chamber that fits a double-wide coffin or two coffins side-by-side. That way, if one spouse outlives the other by several years, the casket does not have to be exhumed in order to place the recently-deceased spouse in the same casket with the previously deceased. If a family member was of immense size, then this funerary niche may also provide double-wide caskets for morbidly obese bodies or the exceptionally tall (i.e., anyone who exceeds six feet in height). Contact a company like Elmwood Casket Company for more info.