Four Commercial Carpet Installation And Maintenance Tips For Business Owners

Posted on: 6 July 2016


Are you about to invest in a new commercial carpet installation? Carpeting for an office is usually the most affordable flooring option, but you still want to make sure that your investment lasts. Here are a few things that you should know about the installation and maintenance of your new carpeting.

1. Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning isn't just for appearances -- it's an important maintenance task. Carpet cleaning makes carpeting last longer. When dirt and oil are allowed to settle on carpet, they eventually eat away at the strands, making the carpet appear dull and old. Professionally cleaning the carpet reduces the amount of damage the carpeting experiences during daily wear in addition to improving air quality and attractiveness. 

2. Consider Foregoing the Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is a virtual necessity when it comes to home living, but it's not always necessary in the office. A carpet pad is generally for comfort but can actually decrease the longevity of carpeting. Carpet that has padding bends and creases more often, eventually becoming looser and potentially needing re-stretching. If carpet padding is necessary, the thinner the carpet padding the better.

3. Always Install Commercial Grade Carpet

It isn't just that commercial grade carpet is more durable. Commercial grade carpet also usually comes with a much longer warranty. If the carpet wears out too fast or has defects that aren't revealed until later, the business may be able to replace that carpet either for free or at a heavily discounted rate. Other than that, commercial grade carpeting is made to resist wear-and-tear and to be more attractive for longer.

4. Watch Out for the Sun

The most major damage that occurs to commercial carpeting isn't traffic -- it's the sun. Where sunlight shines on your carpet, it's likely to become faded and worn. Sunlight does a lot of UV damage to just about everything, from furniture to equipment. Make sure that windows are properly blocked off if you want the contents of your business to last a long time. 

A good carpet installation should last you anywhere from ten to twenty years depending on the quality of carpeting that you've chosen. Your carpet installation company can give you more information on getting the most out of your carpet -- just remember that regular maintenance is a proactive way to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. A commercial carpet cleaning service can usually be contracted periodically to keep your carpets looking good as new.