How Custom Stickers Can Help Benefit Your Kindergarten Class

Posted on: 25 July 2016


Most parents and teachers know how much little ones love stickers. In the kindergarten classroom, stickers can help to provide educational stimuli, act as a reward system, promote creativity and more. Taking a close look at how you could use stickers in your kindergarten class this year is smart. Check out these tips for using stickers creatively to promote your kindergartner's educational experience.

Stepping Up Your Sticker Reward System

Many types of stickers are available everywhere for putting on your students' school work, whether it is for a high grade or for things like improved handwriting. You have probably bought sheets of colorful stickers at your local dollar store for this purpose. However, think about the sticker that has a student's name on it. For example, if you have a student named John and he did a great job on a math quiz, you could have a sticker to put on it saying, 'Great job, John! Keep up the good work!'. Investing in stickers for the year with each student's name on them is an excellent way to get the most out of your sticker reward system.

Customized Stickers Can Be Perfect For Enhancing Course Work 

Subjects like art, math and science in kindergarten focuses on things like texture, shapes and colors. Stickers can be used to help you teach your students about how soft feels or how rough feels. For example, passing out small furry stickers can help your students feel a texture that is soft. The same can be true about stickers that have a coating on them that resembles sandpaper for an example of a rough texture. When you hand out stickers, your students can put them in their notebooks for the subject you are teaching, making it easy to remember the facts you taught them that day. Others ways you can use customized stickers to enhance your students' learning experience include:

  • Colorful stickers in all the shapes are great for related math topics, especially when you can give a set of them to each of your students before you start a class about them to put on sticker sheets with areas designated for each shape.
  • Animal stickers are great for using in science class, especially when you are working in ecosystems and habitats. You can order stickers of many animals and sheets for various habitats, making it easy for every student to have his or her own set of animal stickers and the habitat sheets that go with them.

Before a new school year begins, finding ways for using stickers to provide your kindergarten students with the greatest and most interesting educational experience is a good idea. For more information, contact companies like Northwest Label.