3 Pick-Up Truck Bed Accessories Ideal For Moving Truck Rentals

Posted on: 9 August 2016


Renting a moving truck requires a lot of careful planning and strategy. Contractors and construction workers deal with these packing issues on a daily basis as they load truck beds with tools and supplies. By taking a few tips and using a few accessories, you can plan your move and stay organized with your truck rental. Adding these extra supplies will make it easier to protect belongings, prevent damages, and keep track of all your items during a move. By understanding how each accessory works and implementing it into a moving truck, you can have the most success during your moving truck rental period.

Cargo Catch Organizers

One of the biggest pains when packing a moving truck can be dealing with the little items. Small appliances, decorations, or items that you need to retrieve right away can all be organized and easy to access with a cargo catch organizer. This type of truck device can be attached to the rear opening of a moving truck. The organizer features two bars that stay securely in place using the wall to wall friction of the truck. Separated cargo nets are hung between the two bars to offer open spaces for placing the small items. This is a great way to store small items along with easy-to-access packing accessories like tape, bubble wrap, and scissors.

Truck Bed Skid Mats

In pick-up trucks, tools, parts, and other items are kept from sliding back and forth thanks to truck bed skid mats. These skid mats are easy to lay down in the back of a moving truck and can provide a more stable environment for your boxes. Along with preventing boxes from sliding, the skid mats are ideal for small pieces of furniture like chairs and end tables. The pieces can be kept stable as the truck drives through multiple types of terrain and different hills.

Magnetic Rails & Hooks

The sides of a moving truck are often metal. You can take advantage of this by using magnetic rails and hooks. These accessories are often used in trucks for holding tools or work gear. In a moving truck they can be used to transport extension cords, television cables, or delicate clothing items that you do not want to pack in boxes. You can easily line the magnetic accessories on the interior of the truck and have plenty of space to organize your items before the move takes place.

Along with purchasing these items, you can ask friends who own trucks if they have any of the accessories for you to borrow during the move. For more information, contact companies like Elite Truck Rental.