How To Store Wooden Furniture

Posted on: 30 August 2016


Storing wooden furniture will require a bit of effort, but the first step is to have clean furniture. Everything you can do before moving the furniture will save you and your helpers time. You should also cover it with padding to prevent any damage during the move and storage. Here are a few guidelines from the house to the storage unit to consider.

Clean the Furniture First

You want to be sure you have your furniture clean and thoroughly dry before placing it into storage. Test an inconspicuous area to be cleaned with a drop of dishwashing detergent on a cotton ball to see if it mars the finish. Proceed if it looks okay but don't soak the wood.

 You can also use mineral spirits, but you should also test an area. It is a good idea to apply furniture wax with cheesecloth to protect your wood from storage elements. Be sure to go with the grain and buff it with a clean rag. Once again, be sure it is thoroughly dry before placing padding on its surfaces.

Use Padding

You should use a cotton quilt or pad to wrap your wooden furniture. You can also purchase 3-ply moving paper pads which are good for your wooden furniture as well as mirrors and pictures. It isn't a good idea to use plastic packing materials because they can lead to condensation.

Break Down Large Pieces

Any wooden furniture that has removable parts such as the kitchen table can be disassembled and wrapped individually. Breaking them down can help make the storage easier without legs to make the space more compact.

At the Storage Unit

Be sure you keep your wooden articles off the floor. You could use wooden pallets for the job. You also need to get a climate-controlled unit because humidity can ruin your wooden furniture. You can place the wrapped wooden chairs on top of the wrapped wooden dresser to conserve space. The wrapped table top can go on top or beside a mattress for additional protection. 

You should try to check on the furniture monthly if possible to ensure you don't have any issues developing. Climate controlled units are maintained between 55 and 85 degrees to protect the items. If you are in a climate-controlled unit and receive damage, the office should be notified.

These guidelines should allow you to move and store your wooden furniture without any problems. You will enjoy them, even more, when you take them out, and they are still nice and clean.